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CSP and Paramount on reopening recycling centres

Commissioned by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA), The Combined Services Provider (CSP), a Watford-based traffic management, stewarding and security company, had just one week from initial enquiry to live operations to design and implement detailed plans for the reopening of six waste and recycling centres in North London. Each plan had to be approved by the respective local authorities and the Metropolitan Police, and traffic signage manufactured.

At the same time CSP were asked by Surrey Police to assist with eight waste sites – four of them requiring staff with police powers. Tony Nikolic, Managing Director, CSP, said: “We have several sites looking to extend our presence onsite and rebook our services in the future.”

CSP’s accredited employees’ responsibilities include managing safe vehicle movements in the queues and at key junctions and roundabouts near the sites whilst minimising impact on local residents and through traffic.

“This scheme has provided extra support to our waste recycling centres and lessened any impact on nearby communities without using up the valuable time of our local officers who are working hard to keep everyone safe.”

~ Gavin Stephens, Surrey Chief Constable

Also involved in the reopening of waste and recycling centres were staff from Liverpool-based Paramount Stewarding and Security. They helped manage traffic diversions and vehicle queues at four sites on Merseyside to ensure local residents used only designated, coned lanes to the centres, rather than usual access points, and direct non-site traffic to through routes.




“In times of uncertainty and worry, the public seek out reassurance and guidance from those in the frontline. Our staff have found that a friendly face, providing strong, clear instructions has been welcomed by the public. Where they have been confused by any ambiguity and mixed messages around the easing of restrictions, we have been able to guide people in the right way, with the right amount of support.”

~ Christine Fletcher, Paramount Stewarding and Security’s Director