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Do all the Directors need to complete both vetting forms?

Yes. All Directors who are listed with Companies House and any Authorised Signatory must complete and return both vetting and financial forms, a copy of their ID and proof of home address.

Is there an issue if a Director cannot prove UK residency for the last 5 years?

If you are a foreign national who has not been in continuous residence in the United Kingdom for the past 5 years the application will also require the inclusion of the relevant Overseas Criminality Certificate/record check (OCC); this will require a form of authentication and be translated into English by a translation service that is a member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting Companies or the Association of Translation Companies.

Is there an issue if a Director has lived outside the UK during the last 5 years?

In the event of a British Citizen having worked/resided outside of the UK for over a period of six continuous months in the last 5 years, they will also be required to provide an overseas criminal record check (OCC).

Who should be the authorised signatory?

This should be someone from within the company / organisation who has authority to sign documents on behalf of the company / organisation and to act as a point of contact.

Do I need to send the list of staff to be accredited along with the application pack?

No, this list will be required by the police force whom you will be working with following successful application. Police Crime Prevention Initiatives do not require this information to complete the assessment as accreditation is currently done by the police force.

We are a NHS Trust – who should be completing our Directors vetting forms?

There is a different version of this form specifically for NHS Trusts, please request this version from the Compliance Manager.

From what date can we advertise that we have accredited staff?

From the date accredited staff are issued with police powers.

How long does approval last for?

Approval lasts for 3 years unless there are significant changes within the company or among the Directors.

Do I need to fill out all the forms again for a renewal application?

Yes, to ensure that Police Crime Prevention Initiatives have the most up-to-date details, we ask that a renewal form is completed and Director Vetting forms are submitted again for Directors and the Authorised Signatory. Copies of any supporting documentation that has materially changed since the original application are also required.